Graphic design Graphic design Kennel Maitomiehen Logo update 2014 195978414 Chicken eggs -label Personal project to surprise my sister. 2013 190095561 Perpetual Rage Promo2012 Back cover. Sketch of the head: Tomi Viiltola. Digital coloring and layout: me 168126944 Perpetual Rage Band logo, march 2011 120200788 Revontuli-katkerot Bottle labels August 2010 94282556 202355888 Revontuli-katkerot label August 2010 95648736 Paper Winner of design competition 2008. 48463451 Plastics Customer needed one additional illustration form their recycle signs, 2015 201261964 Book cover for a competition. Made with Inkscape. 13370052 ArtOrder Dragon Here's my take with the playful AO Dragon for January 2012 164544645