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I have a Redbubble shop

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Some updating for this site once and a while. There are some problems maybe because I use Chrome, but I can't edit my About page. So there is link to Tsú that isn't working anymore and can't add my new Redbubble shop. I'll try to do that later in another browser.

But hey! Now you have a very easy way purchase prints and other stuff with some of my art work. There is work I have not yet updated here at all, like this painting. So go and see for yourself what there is and maybe you can find something of your liking.

And sharing is caring   ;)  Here's the link one more time >  My Redbubble shop

It's been a while

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Wow! Last post was more than a year ago. Shame on me :)

But you know what, I've been busy. I've been making games! Trying to get into gamedevelopment and it has been very fun. I have put my part in several jam games and I have dumped my own longer game at summer. Just last week our team put a playable demo to GameJolt. Go try it out. It's a shoot them up roguelite like game with sympatic encounters.

I will put links also to all those other games to my introduction page.

Con Man is here!

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You know Firefly perhaps. Maybe you have also heard of Con Man. If not just watch the trailer and I hope you like it.

Con Man - Preview from Con Man Web Series on Vimeo.


Dream Owl

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This time I want to share my work process with this Dream Owl painting. Customer asked me to use blue color and not to make it realistic. I then made some thumbnail sketches for him to choose from.

After the selection painting could start. He proveidet the canvas for me and I begun to splash some color on it. First I just put there some yellows and blues and sprayed water to have some depth. Then I made the underpainting still using watercolors. Spraying water ocassionaly and hoping for happy accidents.

Getting in some white acrylic.

Some leaf metal.

Black acrylic.

More details. flipping canvas upsidedown and back. Adding blue to the acrylic palette.

And here we have a finished painting.

Last but not least some clear varnish to protect those delicate watercolors I used at the beginning. I hope this was some what useful and you enjoyed. This was pretty straight forward and really fun project. And I have some cool left over thumbs.

Never Tell -illustration is out

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I did a cover illustration for a digital single and it was published March 9. 2015. Here I show you the cover  without any texts. Theme is somekind of scifi-fantasy.

Never Tell, Kaisa Tuulenkari 2015

I also did the layout/graphic design. There wasn't much to do (they already had logo) but here is the cover with texts.

Never Tell -cover, Ultimatium/Kaisa Tuulenkari 2015

The band is Ultimatium and you can find that single from iTunes and Spotify. Unfortunately it seems that I can't put working links here for the song but I'm sure you can find it if you want to. And you should if you like high noted heavy metal.

I'm currently working with the comming album of them, so stay tuned. It's supposed to be released at summer.

Logo update

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I made this logo some time ago and some update to the font was needed. I like that first version but I understand why we had to do this. First was pritty but this new is much better and more readable. So here it is. New logo for Kennel Maitomiehen.

I am such a lazy bastard!

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Oh, it was last year  when I did my previoust post. Well I've been workin hard. Really. I did make these Angry bird figures to Vuokatti. You can find pictures from my Facebook page.

Now I'm finishing Doghill project for Särkänniemi. After that, who knows what's coming. I will release photos of Doghill figures when the park had it's opening. So stay tuned in!

My Mighty Mugg - Lord Soth's work process

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Blank figure came at june 14. 2012.

June 15. I started to work with it. Finding my consepts and printing colordesign. Now I needed some fake hair, two spikes for the elbows and more spikes for helmet. And some paint and glue of course. But first I needed to clean my table and make some room for him. Put MMin pieces. Looked basic instrutions from the internet to avoid any unpleasant suprises. First I gave those parts a light sanding.

I made a plaster mold for crown spikes. I casted some fiberglass spikes and sanded them. I used fiberglass just because I had it in the house, otherwise I would've buy something less toxic.

Made some calculations and used a handyhelpers to measure where to drill holes for crown.

First glued spikes with Super Attak.

 Weaved some artificial hair for theponytail.

Elbow spikes. Tip from a ballpoint pen. Added some Permapoxy for a fuller shape and glue. They need sanding after hardening.

I'm giving the surface some structure with glues and cords.

Final sanding before airbrushing basecoat. (Tape the ponytail to keep it on place.) I chouse black so I get it everywhere and I try to continue to paint from dark to light.Actualy I need only four colours: black, white, chrome yellow and red for the eyes. But if it seems to reguire more hues I'll consider this again.


Then I sketched with pencil on figure and broke the ice by painting eyes on place.

Had to add some brown to chrome yellow because it turned out too bright on black. All base colors on place. I'm thinking to add some metallic colours to the helmet.

I think metallic paints seem usually flat on 2D paintin, but on figures and other three dimensionalobjects it plays with light beautifully. I couldn't get that sparkelwith regular paints.

Painting details. Head's almostfinnished. Eyes need to be airbrushed and that's it.

Almost there. Putting pieces together.Some details and finnishing touches. Matt varnish for protection. Someone is upside-down waiting that varnish to dry.

Next day I airbrushed those eyes (or so I thought I would do) and add cloak. I had some old used to be black piece of cotton canvas for that purpose.

I should practice airbrushing more often. I suck wiht it. Canvas looked good but the eyes were making me suffer. I had to give up that thought and use regular brushes. I varnished his eyes and finished his cloak. June 29. he is ready to travel back to Jon.

July 1. 2012 we had last photoshoot and after that I packed him for mailing.

Thank you for your interest!


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I got an invite to the Gentlemans Christmas party and I thought that I would need mustache. So inspired by Hercule Poirot I made these.

Lord Soth is in the U.S.A.

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My Mighty Mugg is ready and it has arrived to Wizards. It's going to GenCon at Wizards of the Coasts booth. If you will be there go to see it live.

Kaisa Tuulenkari 2012